aTunes 3.1.1

From now it’s available to download the new version aTunes 3.1.1 which fixes some minor bugs

aTunes 3.1.0

From now it’s available to download the new version of aTunes 3.1.0 which includes some new features, main are these:

- Store metadata for all kind of files, even if it does not support an internal tag
- New option to show a navigation table filter
- New option to hide navigation tree and use only navigation table to select elements
- Can store ratings both in files and in an external database to not modify files
- Faster podcast download
- New playlist option to stop playback after the current track
- New options to load / save play list replacing play list or creating a new one

It’s recommended to save play lists before upgrading, as a full repository read is necessary.

aTunes 3.1.0 Release Candidate

Release Candidate of 3.1.0 is ready to download here:

aTunes 3.1.0 Release Candidate

Users are welcome to test and report bugs until 1st June where final version will be released. Translators can also update their translations.

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